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Surgical treatment of cicatricial hair loss

Indian J Plast Surg.2009;42:63.
Surgical treatment of secondary cicatricial hair loss of scalp and eyebrow
Ahmed Sabry Hassan

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Introduction: The scalp is probably the second most visible part of the human anatomy second only to the face. Aesthetic considerations are extremely important in devising any plan for the restitution of the scalp. The eyebrows are a very noticeable structure and make an essential contribution to facial beauty. Areas of hair loss may result from traumatic, thermal, radiation, neoplastic or infective process. The surgical replacement of hair has progressively become an important part of the practice of plastic surgery. Hair loss following extensive scarring of the scalp can be treated by transferring hair bearing parieto-occipital flaps if convenient or adjacent hair-bearing scalp after tissue expansion. Awaiting stem cell research in this vital field of aesthetic surgery there is no known method to create new hair, and all current techniques for hair loss restoration involve redistributing the patient's existing hair. Many techniques were used for treating hair loss surgically such as scalp reduction, hair grafting, the use of local flaps and the use of tissue expanders.

Hia rloss treatment and regrowth


Hair loss treatment

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