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No Hair regrowth with melatonin or brushing

Vet Dermatol. 2006 Feb;17:45.

....melatonin and brushing on hair regrowth after clipping normal Siberian Husky dogs.
Diaz SF, et al

The aims of this study were to determine the impact of body site, vigorous brushing and topical melatonin treatment on hair regrowth after clipping normal dogs. Siberian Husky dogs were randomly assigned to three groups of eight dogs each. All dogs had the lumbosacral region and both lateral thighs clipped. The left thigh and lumbosacral area received no treatment and were compared in all 24 dogs. Eight dogs had the right thigh treated with 0.1% melatonin twice daily for 2 months, and hair regrowth was compared with the left thigh. Eight dogs had the right thigh brushed twice daily for 2 months, and hair regrowth was compared with the left thigh. Eight dogs had neither thigh treated. Hairs were plucked before and 2 months postclipping, and the proportion of hair growth from the original length was calculated and compared as described above. Biopsy samples were collected before and after treatment to determine if brushing induced dermal inflammation and melatonin increased the proportion of anagen follicles. Proportionally, left thigh hairs were significantly longer compared to lumbosacral hairs 2 months postclipping. No significant differences in hair regrowth were noted between the nontreated thigh and the thigh treated with melatonin or brushed. No significant difference in dermal inflammation was noted before and after brushing. No significant differences were observed in the proportion of anagen follicles before and after topical melatonin treatment. Our results showed that the hairs in the lumbosacral region were proportionally shorter than lateral thigh hairs 2 months postclipping. Moreover, topical melatonin and brushing had no impact on hair regrowth after clipping normal dogs.

Hiar loss treatment and hair regrowth

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A new model for hair regrowth

Br J Dermatol. 2010 May 25.

Intermediate hair follicles: a new more clinically relevant model for hair regrowth investigations.
Miranda BH, et al

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ABSTRACT Background: Alopecia ( hair loss ) causes widespread psychological distress, but is relatively poorly controlled. The development of new hair loss treatments is hampered by the lack of suitable human hair follicle models. Although intermediate and vellus hair follicles are the main clinical target for pharmacological therapy, terminal hair follicles are more frequently studied as smaller hair follicles are more difficult to obtain. Objectives: This investigation was designed to quantify in vivo morphological and in vitro behavioural differences in organ culture between matched intermediate and terminal hair follicles, in order to develop a new clinically-relevant model system. Methods: Microdissected terminal and intermediate hair follicles, from the same individuals, were analysed morphometrically (250 follicles; 5 individuals), or observed and measured over 9 days of organ culture (210 follicles; 6 individuals). Results: Intermediate hair follicles were less pigmented and smaller, penetrating less below the skin surface, with smaller fibre, connective tissue sheath, bulb and dermal papilla diameters. Intermediate hair follicle bulbs appeared 'tubular' unlike their 'bulbous' terminal follicle counterparts. In organ culture they also grew more slowly, remained in anagen longe and produced less hair fibre than terminal follicles. Conclusions: Smaller intermediate hair follicles showed major morphological differences to terminal follicles and retained significant, biologically-relevant differences in vitro in organ culture. Therefore, intermediate hair follicles offer a novel, exciting, more clinically-relevant, albeit technically difficult, model for future investigations into hair growth. This should be particularly important for developing new treatmens for hair loss.


Hair loss and hair regrowth

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