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Vitamin D in Hair Loss and Hair regrowth

Dermatol Online J. 2010 15:3.

Does D matter? The role of vitamin D in hair disorders and hair follicle cycling.
Amor KT, et al

BACKGROUND: The role of vitamin D in the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes is well known within the field of dermatology. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the role that vitamin D and the vitamin D receptor play in the hair cycle and assess how this can be clinically applied to the treatment of hair loss and hair disorders. METHODS: A MEDLINE search was preformed to find relevant articles pertaining to vitamin D, the vitamin D receptor, and hair loss and hair regrowth. RESULTS: The vitamin D receptor, independent of vitamin D, plays an important role in hair cycling, specifically anagen initiation. The role of vitamin D in hair follicle cycling is not as well understood. LIMITATIONS: The review is broad and there are limited human studies available to date. CONCLUSION: Additional studies to evaluate the role of vitamin D in the hair cycle should be done. Treatments that up regulate the vitamin D receptor may be successful in treating hair loss and are a potential area of further study.

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